Even in the depths of your despair

When it seems impossible to breathe

God is there

When human suspicion betrayal and mistrust

Turns everything to dust 

Can you see that God has gone missing

In their hearts

While yours beat strong and true

Always trusting that you would come through

But this latest episode

Has shown

How powerless you really are

Over a world so drenched in fear

Where no one trusts anything

And projects their pain and hurt

Onto each and every situation

With you the one that takes the blows

They will never even know

They dealt to you

And so as you silently scream

While they say 

Its all for your own good

You know there is not a chance in hell

To make them know

How sadly and badly they are mistaken

And how bruised and battered they have made you

By their deep humanity

And open hearted trust and love


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