Book Review | Your Soul Is A River

I had to reblog this as Nikita Gill is one of my favourite poets in that the transformational journey she expresses in her poems seems to speak of soul experiences I have had and have not always found easy to articulate. and many of her poems are so validating. I just found this link containing a review with excerpts from her poems and wanted to share it.

when words blend

Title: Your Soul Is A River
Author: Nikita Gill
Copy: Physical


Available in [physical and digital copies]:
Thought Catalog
Amazon Kindle Edition


The world could be a truly beautiful and magical place to be, if every single person sat down and opened their souls to each other in poetry.

Y’all know I’m a sucker for poetry. I don’t know what it is with these verses that touch my soul completely. Each piece is like air, sometimes I breathe it in; other times I breathe it out.

But, this masterpiece right here, Your Soul Is A River, is definitely a water. From the river itself, it brought me healing like how water usually did. Each poem will hit you on all the right places. It’s just so meaningful and relevant. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!


The book is divided into eight parts. I will be sharing…

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