I awoke

I awoke to see I was a child

That even though I look down and see an adult`s body

In the heart of me I was still a child

Lost alone and wondering

Where everyone had gone 

And how it came to this

With us all ending up so alone

And so I began to look for answers

As I began to shed a thousand tears

Over so many years

As memories arose of longing

And my heart split open

To find an ocean

With an unfathomable depth

And your ailing bodies all around me

Ancestors calling

Me up and down the spiral staircase of my spine

And then I looked to see my puppy

Being me as I was

As a child

Full of life and his own ideas

Not like me

Preyed upon by a million fears

But I am not so upset any more

Maybe this is just the way it had to be

And I was after all

Destined always to become free

After such deep grief had released me finally

From the ancestral pull

That tore me this way and that

As I sought a way to find

And define my own

New pattern

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