Unspoken sorrow

Dark heart view.jpg

This sorrow between us is unspoken

I feel it lapping its energetic tidal waves

Beneath our worldly conversation

As the most important emotional truths

Permeate their hidden vapours

Through a veil of broken meaning

And I recall the time when I was dreaming

Prophetically it now seems

Of the vast unspoken sorrow we would share

That now breaches and break the banks of our defences and fears

Obscuring the souls most tender hearted vulnerabilities

Now unveiled

It was so hard to leave you today

In that barren place

And as I drove away

A river of sorrow ran

Like a rivulet down each check

And then in time the pain abated

As my energy settled

And I recovered my peace again

Silently rising in this soft afternoon dreaming

As all past memories of loss hurt and pain

Once again take their leaving

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