The power of resting our mind : reflections on the upcoming Mercury retrograde

I wrote a post a while back on the power of the mind and I am being reminded of this today as Mercury ruler of the mind slows down, or the earth slows in relationship to it over the next few days.  (Mercury turns retrograde on Nov 16)  Three times a year we get the chance to backtrack and slow down our life and minds.  Mercury retrograde periods are not unlike putting a car into reverse so we can move backwards to get a wider view of something we only sensed or caught a glimpse of on the way through living.  Since the sign Sagittarius will be ruling Mercury, planet of communications during this retrograde and its ruler Jupiter governs a wider more benevolent perspective or long term spiritual view of experiences and challenges this may be what we are being encouraged to explore for the next 3 weeks of Mercury retrograde.   Mercury begins this period in square to Neptune, planet of confusion, spirituality and artistic expression.

Sagittarius is the sign of the archer : a symbol part man/ part wild horse.  It is where our minds aim our arrows that determines our focus, experience and state of mind and our responses of the instinctual self.  Sagittarius also concerns the connection between our spiritual/heavenly and animal/earthly selves.  Abundance and an attitude of mercy and benevolence also relates to Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius.

I wanted to share something in this post from Wayne Dyer’s book.. There Is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem today because it relates to the power of our minds to embrace abundance and love rather than lack, scarcity, judgement or fear.    The power of our mind rests in the perspective or attitude we take.  How much of a default is it  it for us to dwell on the negative, what we don’t like and can’t have, wish hadn’t happened?  I don’t mean to imply we should force ourselves to adopt a false veneer of positivism only that what we concentrate on grows and that we can through peaceful contemplation gain a different perspective on our experiences.  We should not avoid hard truths, that is also not what I mean but find positive ways to encompass them and learn new ways of responding or thinking.

In the section of the book this quote comes from, Dyer talks about not resisting evil, but rather embracing it in love.

The law of resisting not evil applies to your own dark side or shadow side as well.  To fight your demons or to be angry with yourself for the errors of your ways is to give more energy to that second non existent power of evil.  Always remind yourself that there is but one power, the power of good and bring this power to bear on any and all of your dark behaviours…. take responsibility….bring spirit into the presence of the shadows.. send love to your dark side and watch it dissolve and raise your spiritual energy.  Don’t fight it.

When you judge a person (and yourself) you do not define them. You merely define yourself as someone who needs to judge.. it says that something in you is having conflict with something outside of yourself…….. one person is no better than the next ….when the ego is dominated by the need to be right we lose the power to question our own beliefs and learn from others….  true nobility is not about being better than anyone else : it is about being better than you used to be

And we achieve this sense of growth, spiritual improvement and peace when we slow down (always encouraged during Mercury retrograde), draw energy within and become open to our inner life and world and new perspective.  In the words of the Tao Te Ching, through non resistance we become soft and yielding :

All green plants are tender and yielding

At death they are brittle and dry

When hard and rigid

We consort with death

When soft and yielding

We affirm greater life

Our inner peace comes from being open and flexible even with things that trouble us.  It comes from entering the silence to find the wisdom and inner knowing.  In meditation we can open our mind and heart and body and soul to waves of release.  When we meditate or enter the silence,  we bring the peace of God into our lives and stop contracting life with analytical or paralysing thoughts of past and future that can often lead nowhere or tie us up in knots.

In meditation or silence we release our problems when we stop endlessly ruminating and allow ourselves to let go, be still and seek deep within.  Deep in this silence we discover the healing gift that opens our heart and connects us more fully to spiritual sources of light, love, power and energy… and to presence; the presence of love and communication with the higher self in us that wants to love and embrace us fully in dark and light, as well as our fellow humans.

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