Try a little tenderness


“When another person makes you suffer,

it is because he suffers deeply within himself

and his suffering is spilling over.

He does not need punishment; he needs help.”

Thich Nhat Hanh


Thanks to wraesanders from One Blog, One Day At A Time…..for reblogging a post that contained the above quote yesterday.  It pays to bear in mind that a little tenderness often goes a long way further than anything where trauma, or hurt or pain is lodged.  We need to find a way to answer deep hurt and wounds with love.

When a person feels like they have been hurt, it makes them feel vulnerable and in turn, they become hostile and defensive. Instead of encouraging this cycle of hurt, we must learn to meet hurt with love.

If you wish to read the original post, please visit it here   :

Hurt People, Stop Hurting People



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