Serenity Courage Wisdom Acceptance

Grace 2

When we accept things Even the harshest things we do not want or like Life goes easier for us I am not saying that we should accept a lot of pain Without walking away What I am saying is Accept the way people are And act on the feeling that leaves inside of you

In the serenity prayer (which I find an amazing healing resource and antidote) we pray for the serenity to accept what cannot be changed And then we pray for the courage and energy to take the action to change what we can  Maybe we don’t like being hurt or ignored by someone So we chose to walk away We choose to take care of ourselves We look for those who do not hurt us as much Or we accept the hurt is there Without lashing out at least after the time it takes to struggle with the legitimate feelings of anger or despair or pain or sadness or disappointment

We must also listen to and accept our feelings Our feelings are guides to us of what is good and is not good for us Pain is part of life but it should not be the whole of life There is a time for joy and pleasure too Life cannot all be a bed of roses And we know that with the roses come some thorns But it is also okay to seek joy To seek happiness To seek peace To seek contentment and these things come as a result of developing serenity to accept what we cannot change Courage to change the things we can And the Wisdom to know the difference

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