Maybe at times

This sorrow grows

When I return to my room alone

And contemplate the past

All the things I could not change

All the things that did not last


And yet is there not also cause for joy

Because in the end everything is fleeting?

And really it is only where we put our focus

That determines how we feel


That is why at times I think its best to just

Get outside ourselves

To open our body and heart and mind

To this present life

Rather than dwelling as endlessly on a past

Now long gone


And yet it is also not a sin

To allow our memories and attention to draw us deep within

To that place where we can have a wider view

And remember all those souls we knew

Whose lives touched ours for good or ill

And are an intrinsic part of our soul journey still

Even though long gone now?


  In life there is only one thing for sure

There is no one size fits all equation

For we float forever on shifting seas

Sometimes gaining sometimes losing sight of the horizon


So for now I will just enjoy the wind

And find myself once again amongst my spiritual kin

Of dogs and birds and air and trees

Knowing with my heart it is through these

That the sorrowings of my life

Are contained


And eventually abated

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