The way forward



The way forward is impossible to see

Past experiences command all our attention

As all of our energy is geared towards the prevention

Of similar mistakes

That made our heart shatter or break

And so life becomes a set of scales

Upon which we weigh each decision

Too carefully

Until all spontaneity is lost or eclipsed

And the way to joyful abandon just slips

Further and further away from us

And our hearts start to ache

From too great a cost

That living demanded of us

When we tried to find the hidden path to back

To hopes and dreams lost

That just possibly were never meant

To manifest in reality

So pulled upon by the dark past

Into the slipstream we go

With our catalogue of woes

Held far too tightly to our chest

When the best thing would be just be

To open our arms

And surrender it all to God

Choosing to become instead

The simple fool

Who just abandons everything

To embrace the present moment

With innocent open hearted spontaneity

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