You are cooling balm

To my burning soul

Soother of past pain and hurt

Calmer of doubts and fears

Never in a million years

Could I have dreamed of finding

Someone as kind as you

Someone willing to extend themselves

And offer me everything

At times fearful voices in my head sound large

As alarms awaken me

Sounding reminders of past terrors

From deep within my bones

Splintering a night of calm

But when I open my doubts to you

Never once do you answer with alarm

All you say is

I understand

And I will stand by you

In every storm

And never ever burden you

For the love

I have to give is unconditional

And that my friend to me is

So often unbelievable

But never the less

From what I know of your heart

You could not lie

And your kindness makes me long

For the fulfllment of all your promises

And that you will

Love me this way forever

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