Under cover

Bed monster.jpg

Some things are too dark to look at

I have to turn away my eyes

Avert my gaze

For under the surface I sense the monsters rumbling

Stealing away all of the light

Your soul was born with

And its only then I realise

How deep your wounding goes

All covered over with mysteries and lies

That you cannot seem to fathom

Because you stand too far away

And so the covers

Hide those truths

Too difficult for you to face

And their distance from you

Drives and drives you on and on

Always seeking

But never finding

A destination

A safe place

 To be and breathe

A place of rest

And the ones who seek your love

Seek in vain

Because you too have turned your gaze away

You learned to do it years ago

When those around you

Ignored your pain

And encouraged you

To cover your soul

In shame

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