Hidden heartbreak

Crying again.jpg

How much hidden heartbreak is there

Held in the centre of so many lives

Living on silently in wordless spaces

Put to one side

While the quest to survive is undertaken

In a precarious world

Is it any wonder

That sometimes people find it hard to rest

Or are so often haunted

And in life and love there are so many tests

That often stretch us to breaking point

As we make the effort to reach again for love

Out of the yawning void of  emptiness

But until the wound is tended

Won’t our heartbreak just lead us on

More and more fruitless quests

As we try to fill up an empty space

We need to hold in consciousness

Surely in time

We become older and wiser

But is it any wonder that at times

We also give up

On the search for love out there

For often we have suffered to gain the wisdom

That nothing lasts for ever

And that eventually there will come a time

When our heart breaks again

As those we love die or betray

The deepest promises they made

And yet still

We must find a way to go on living

While we carry silently

This hidden heartbreak

With us every day

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