Maybe here

Deep inside this soul

Is enough love

Maybe here inside this heart

I can find shelter from the storm

When you are gone

And I imagine

The possibility we may never meet

That the ones who want to kill and maim

Have captured you

And I will never see your face

Oh my darling I will not lie

And tell you my heart doesn’t ache

But I also have come far enough through pain

To realise that I can contain all of this

And despite deepest darkness

Light does come again

A way to navigate the path of loss

That leads me through the middle

Of wind and storms and rain

I thought would ultimately undo me someday

But some how I survived

When I was able to offer

My own soul

Enough love and compassion

To bring myself through

So tonight as late winter darkness grows

And filtered light throws a luminescence

All around the room

I remind myself of two things


To dwell and rest quietly

In a mind and heart centred in love


To realise

What ever circumstances bring

I can bear this

Because deep within

I know I am enough

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