With my whole body

I am secretly and silently longing

For what my mind wont allow me to long for

Long nights spent wrapped up in your arms

Unimpeded hours of time

Exploring the spaces of this inner landscape

So often closed off

Due to fear and repression

Speaking all those words of longing

I never dared to speak

Face to face

So please don’t believe me when I act as if

I do not care

Don’t even listen

When I try to convince you I long for open air

Due to fear of being trapped in a place

I can’t move

Just turn a deaf ear

For you have already told me

You are not that guy

The runner the betrayer the one full of lies

And the words that you speak to me

Well they open my heart

And now my fear is dissolving

I don’t want us to part

But the harder part my love will be our meeting

For I know deep in my soul

Our affair won’t be fleeting

But deep and rich and ongoing and long

Filled with joy and music

Laughter, dancing and song

So please my darling don’t take too long

Because my body is yearning

And my soul is so very tired of being

Denied and defended

Pretending to be strong


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