The precarious life of the emotional invalidee!

Emotional validation is necessary to our healing process. This is a post I wrote in 2016.

Emerging From The Dark Night

This title came to mind this morning as I was going about my life thinking about insights I had since learning yesterday of the concept of the sensitive emotionally invalidated person…… My therapist was explaining how precarious and difficult is the life of those who carry deep sensitivity in this life and meet with invalidation at every turn.. Seeing and feeling deeper than others can see and feel, they feel alone.  Sharing insights and feelings only to be told they are wrong, bad, confused or mixed up for feeling that way fucks with their heads, with their sense of self value and with the belief that they have viable inner stand point.

This precarious state of affairs was reflected in a dream image from last night.  When my disabled sister was alive and I was meeting her to take her to a movie or out to lunch, a maxi cab had to be…

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5 thoughts on “The precarious life of the emotional invalidee!

  1. so true, emotional validation is imperative for healing. I am a sensitive person and its so difficult I wish I was little thick skinned.!

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