Melancholy tides

Under water.jpg

There is a deep melancholy inside you

That will not leave you

Although at time it abates

When sunshine comes after a storm

Often with the presence of the one who comes bringing light

But left alone

It does not take you long

To descend into darkest places

Where there just seems to be a spring of endless sorrow bubbling up

That never fully abates

Here it is that you find yourself

On days like this

As you examine the wreckage of a past

That pulled on you so unconsciously

And the sadness you feel

Is mostly about

The failure of that part of you to birth

So many years before

And some days it overwhelms you

As you feel the quiet rumblings all around

You long for change

Uncertain whether

The change demanded

Is internal or external

Do you remain here and rebuild from deep within

Opening your life

To the promise of new love

Or do you turn you back and start to pack it all up

In search of another shore

One that feels more like home

There are no answers that quite seem right

At this particular point in time

And so you open the blank page

And write your poems

As a stream of consciousness

Within which to navigate the flood

To stem the crying and the bleeding

For it seems now that all the rivers now run clear

As you see more deeply

Why and how you reacted as you did

And what it was from the collective

You were asked to incarnate

They say that youth is wasted on the young

But some make use of it

Others make of it all a mess

And then they fall into the abyss

Wondering what the hell was going on

And in the abyss there are so many things

That have to be learned and faced

And so if today

You feel this deepest sense of melancholy

Maybe all that is happening is

That you are finally acknowledging deep within

Truths that were too painful to face

And so you must not turn away from The Self in you

That is asking you acknowledge and transcend

A past that had so little to do with you

In which you became swept up

How could it have been any different from what it was?

After all you were only working over years

To reclaim solid land from sea

And from tides that carried you here and there

Until the undertow gave way

And your soul finally

Floated free

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