Death and life

Death 2.jpg


Death and life are with me in this room

Putting their arguments before me

Which to chose

When I know all too easily

That with choosing life

Comes the risk of endings and of pain

And that with each and every choice

There is no way to go back again

If time proves the results were less than I could hope

Or others claimed

But tonight it seems that all

That surrounds me is such deep pain

That there is little possibility of ever becoming free again

Because this afternoon

Death came close and

Shone his spotlight in my face

Asking what I had made of life

And when no answer came

The dread fell down like acid rain

Because there is no way to ever choose again

All of those past wrong choices

That I made

6 thoughts on “Death and life

  1. Whatever has happened in the past we can never change; if you feel that there are wrongs to put right or things you seek but haven’t yet found, they lie in the future with life. Stay strong my friends – sending love and hugs xx

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