An open well of sorrow


Our paths crossed once again

In the supermarket

And you told me you had no time

But that now he was in palliative care

And for a moment in time

Memories from long years past flashed before my eyes

And I felt my heart clench

As I reached for your shoulder

It was not until later that the tears began to fall

And then I realised once again

We don’t have forever

Or even someday

When the time finally comes

When time has run out

And at moments such as this

A well of sorrow

Opens before me

And I catch a glimpse of our crazy society

And how fast we are running

To get nowhere

Why is it so hard for us just to be here

To stop for a moment

And feel the stillness

Breath of cold wind on open cheek

To allow our hearts to be pierced

And blood to fall

Into the well of sorrow that lies beneath

And then I question

The wisdom

Of reaching for anything or anyone

If such young lives are to be taken

And yet here I go proving what I write in prose

Is what my soul most needs to hear

Can I open up to this

Even amidst great fear

Or will I just allow this apprehension of loss

To keep me forever

Prisoner here

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