Who knows


Who knows where your spirit goes

When the snow falling inside your heart becomes so heavy

For it seems to you

Once you walk out into the light

There are two parts of you

Personal and ancestral

And at times you are just buried

In deep immersion of the last

That is the sea your soul swam out of

But never fully leaves behind

And on days like to day when the world is nasty

And turns it angry face toward you

And things get lost and you panic

Only then to be found

It’s enough to once again make you break down

Waiting for your coffee you are crying again and no one sees

But its okay

Why should the world have to be your witness

At times you fear its far too much focus on yourself

That has bought you to here

And far too little self forgetting

Which occurs when you open yourself up to the Sun of others

Or even their storms

There is no cure for feeling deeply or being truly alive

Or for being yourself

And that is why their harsh closed off dismissive looks

 At times leave you feeling like you are drowning

And the special gift of a smile freely

Makes you feel again

As thought your spirit has wings

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