At Winter’s End

When the reality of what you lived

Finally hits you

Its a ton of bricks loaded in overcoat pockets

Sinking you to the bottom of an ocean

Inky black opaue

Breathing is impossible

As vice grips heart

Twisting its painful message tighter and tighter

Forward vision is stolen

You become blind to the world

But no longer blind to the depths of your soul

But maybe at the bottom of that deep sea

You also find

A greater awareness

Being birthed out of great torture

As you see how faultess you really were

And how hard you struggled

Against obstacles

Wrought by other”s omissions

And with the grieving honestly encountered

Victimhood ends

As a new path opens

In the midst of a wilderness

That then becomes no longer wasteland

But virgin forest

Bursting with new growth

At the dawning of winter’s end

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