Remade anew

If you reach out a hand to me

Across the void space

And fail to grasp mine

It is only that I am sleeping

Not knowing if on Sunday Terrorists again raised churches

Sending you on high alert

It is so hard

When oceans divide us

To know what is going down

Yesterday when you returned from patrol

And messaged me I was on the phone

Hearing a tormented story

And I failed to check the phone

Until we missed one another once again

At times it seems to me that you represent

The missing part of my soul

Masculine to my feminine

That the re-union of us

Here on earth is the only thing

That will make us both complete

But then when I consider

All the challenges we have undergone

Over four and a half months

And of the rage and despair that your absence or seeming misunderstanding

Have awakened in me at times I see the reason

That God or life gave us to each other

Lessons of love are those we learn

Only when the ego learns to die

To no longer care as much for our own safety

As for the safety of the one

We love

And wish to build our dreams upon

And even if they fail or crash and burn

Wont we have gained something

For isn’t it in opening our hearts and souls

To be so changed

That we will find that we

Are remade anew?

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