Hand in hand

Hand in hand

I sat today and watched couples hand in hand

Pass me by

Taking for granted the very thing we long for

To be able to be with each other

On a lazy afternoon

And it breaks my heart

As longing opens

For what I’ve never truly had

And I can start again

To take the negative view

Good things never come to me

But maybe this is not the truth

Maybe it is, for us

Still a question of waiting

And while all around me

The skeptics and doubters

Whisper their cautions in my ears

My heart freezes

And when I tell you

It hurts you too

Although you always try to understand

Oh honey I am so sorry

Why are so many people

Just willing to pour

Cold water on another’s dreams

They say they are only taking care

But who has the right to say

What is true for someone else

My nephew says its impossible to trust

Someone you have never met

That I should be over pain of my marriage ending

But when I remind him

He never endured that pain

He tells me of the woman who he left

Breaking both their hearts

Til he found his one true love

So why say those things to me

It makes me burn

And I know that this pain and longing to be with you

Is nothing special or unique

And still I long to hold your hand

But just for today I will enjoy the sun

I will be grateful that

You came into my life

Despite every trial

And even if we never meet

And the terrorists take your life

That for a short while

And perhaps

The first time in my life

My heart began to know and learn

The soothing comfort of

Unconditional love

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