Grief and fear.jpg

Oh to lose

The very one whose presence

Made your heart sing

That brought you everything

The one whose heart and being

Gave you a home in life

Whose very eyes plumbed the depths in yours

Well my heart just breaks

At the very thought

Of what I endured all those years ago

And of my mother

As the news came

One January morning

We are sorry to let you know

His heart just gave out


Without a doubt

Grief like this is a falling through space

With no safety net

It is the dismantling of the very foundation

Your life rested upon

Its entire depth and breadth

Is so difficult for a mind to fathom

For a soul to navigate

As its the heart and body that weep

So often silently

Under cover

As painful feelings seep into tissues

And the major issue is

How to find the way through

Such a wilderness

In a world the tells you

To get over it

But so often fails

To help you bear it

3 thoughts on “Dismantled

  1. Putting grief into words is damn near impossible but this “It is the dismantling of the very foundation your life rested upon” is as good a description as I’ve ever read.

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