Brought to tears


You bring me to tears

You soothe my fears

You are my port in a storm

I am sorry too

For the ways I react

When you leave me alone

I have never felt so safe

As when you are near and love me

But when you go

I feel a blackness come

Profound and unending emptiness

I ask my soul

Why is this so

Is it just the ghosts of lovers past

Peeking out from behind a mask

Reminding me of painful times

And so if then you receive a tirade

On the ways of coldness

And men who stray

Please I beg you

Read between the lines

It may seem that I’m strong

But often I’m not fine

And my tender heart

Is more vulnerable than you will ever know

To the one who offers a love and kindness

That has the capacity

To bring me to tears

And offer my soul

A much needed place to grow

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