All I need : A place to be free

Free spirit

You say I am all you need

And oh my heart is troubled

For I know that the depths of my soul

Cannot find completion

Only in another

And it makes me sad

To think I could hurt you

When I say to you

Don’t look to me to heal your wounds

What has become of me?

Is it just

That I have had to travel so very far


Over the harshest of roads?

And is a part of me closing a door

On the possibility of healing

Through a truly connected love?

Perhaps I will forever

Hold a part of myself back

Because I know what it is to lose

But I also know

That out of loss

And of that absence left

Comes a larger presence at times

For at times

All I need is this

Blank page

Or Computer screen with an open page

A place to pour out my soul

And enter my wild imagining

Found in reverie

And poetry

Discovered in aloneness

But that is only part of me

The part that fears I won’t be free

If you try to possess and capture me

And yet another part of me

Needs and loves you too

So if I say these words

Just stay with me

But please allow my soul


A place to be free

14 thoughts on “All I need : A place to be free

    1. Are you? Wow that’s wonderful. From an external perspective I feel you know more what’s going on with me, than me. I always find relationships hard due to a fear of being swallowed up. Its probably not rational but then these things never are really. πŸ™‚

      1. The best way is to breathe, and take a step at a time. Its alright to be vulnerable in a relationship as long as you have the faith of being held up, because any relationship comes with its vulnerabilities and insecurities, its a package deal, its just about being selfless at times, both ways and just knowing its okay, without judging !

      2. Yes I believe the selflessness is so important and its only after a knee jerk reaction I see a better way and how it may have come out of a vulnerability which it would have been better to expose. Anyway its all a learning curve and as you say faith in being held or held up and not abandoned again is so important. I certainly have that in this relationship. Thanks so much for your reply.

      3. That faith is almost everything you need, rest is just an organic process, breathe and just keep moving ahead, rest will be taken care of πŸ™‚
        Happy to talk to you always ! ❀
        Much love and wishes sending your way ! ❀

  1. How much I relate to this!
    Beautiful, bold, brilliant piece here Deb. You’ve captured the essence of what it is to be loved and how we might arrive there only to consider that it is NOT the end all that every romantic novel would have us believe. There is so much more to it, and you’ve captured it magnificently.


    1. Oh wow Marc, That’s so good to read from you. This one came straight out of my heart and lastest experiences. There is as much heart opening in losing a love as in finding one and those of us who have gone through it know that.

      Thanks so so much for such high praise.

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