From my heart

Free the Birds

This full moon eclipse has shown me

I am ready now to speak from my heart

I am sick of staying behind defences

I used to be so scared

To really say how I felt

In case you left

To express my self

Or to show I need anybody

I learned a long time ago

It was better not to ask

And most certainly not to need

And my default mechanism

Was to go it alone

And run or be terrified at any sign of conflict

And I know that

Just because I need

Does not mean you can meet that need

Or that its your job

But just sometimes

You actually may want to

Because your heart cares for my heart

And puts my welfare as a priority

And that is the greatest blessing of all

To know I can leave my detachment behind

And step out with an open heart

Into the clear light of

Life’s sunshine

And find a kind of happiness

I thought was impossible

Ever to find before

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