Come undone


You were the love of my life

You were my root and my sun

The satellite I revolved around

And when the other lights went out

Gravitational force field

Pulled me into the darkness

I am hungering without knowing what it is

I hunger for

Your love and attention

Or my own?

When I think of all the long roads I walked down

To get to here

Through so many darkened woods

I see how much I lost my way

Ancestors’ unreconciled pain

Pulling on me

Trying to compensate for a separation and loss

That took place years ago

And I fell with the weight of it

Like a bolder almost crushing my chest

Not knowing from wence it came

Only that it sucked and pulled and almost drained

All the life from me

So now when I finally see I can no longer bear the burden of your soul

And of the lost child you bequeathed to me

Tears fall

And I come undone

But maybe

Just maybe in this unravelling

A golden thread is spun 

Which I can use as a path

To walk forward upon

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