Lovers 4

Darling you complete me

You make me trust in love again

With you I feel that I have finally found

A calm port in the storm

An oasis in a desert

A place of understanding

A warm heart which will never ever shut me out

As I have been before

And it is a mystery to me

This fated chance of our meeting

When our destinies seem so aligned

Two souls that have both travelled

Through such dark times

At times you shine a light

Into my darkest places of fear

But with that light

I feel calm love

Support and comfort drawing near

Encouraging me to shed

The defences I used

For so long

To keep me safe

Your love is such a precious gift

One that I will treasure

And oh the nights of pleasure

Feeling the ecstasy

Of your skin on my mine

You truly take me to heaven

Opening my heart and soul and body

To a love divine

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