The golden child


The golden child

You left behind

With stars in her eyes

So long ago never really died

Don’t you feel her

Drawing near to you

These later days

Her golden warmth a fire beginning to burst forth

Within your heart

As songs remind you of a celestial tune

That spoke of a connection to the bright flame

That once lay claim to your soul

But was so lost

Covered over with the debris of dust

And almost turned your spirit to rust

But don’t you know

The truest part of you can never be undone

And it may take some time

To find again the way home

To that kingdom within

To pastures where

You danced so freely to the song your heard

Before the noise of others drowned out the sound

But somewhere deep down in side

Your soul and spirit never really forgot

Just fell asleep for a long while

Beside the turnstile

That led you to a life of fitting in

But still the song you heard was there

Calling your name

From beneath pain

Like the hidden subtext

Of a gorgeous refrain

Bidding your true self

Home again

For we have songs to sing

And joy to express

In sun and wind

And frost and rain

When the time has come

To join the dancing again

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