Remain in light

Soul of the Universe

Remain in light you say

Although the weather inside here is dark

And so many storms

Threaten inside this fortress I have built

To keep myself safe

But your light is not just visible

It is something that ignites within my chest

A wick of fire

That burns with a recognition

Too strong for me to believe

That this was not fate

And that you might not be

My twin flame

And so every time

A part of me screams

Put up your walls

Another part of me knows

Walls are nothing but an illusion

And a defense

I have been here before

And I remember how painful it felt

When fear blocked love

And so as much as darkness pulls on me

And thoughts of threat

As a sense the leaving of the night

I summon up my courage

Open my heart

And surrender to the sunrise

As you tell me of the beauty

You see in me

Through your eyes


3 thoughts on “Remain in light

  1. I Love this!! You GO Woman!!
    Gives me HOPE for mySelf as well 😉 ❤

    1. Aww thats lovely. Its the influence of this strong postive masculine in my life even though we cant meet yet he is so uplifting and such a force of love… its teaching me so much. ((–)) When we are loved is so much easier than when all we have know is being ignored dismissed or abused.

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