Not in vain


I want you to know

As you shed these tears of pain

That all of the love you have given

Will not be in vain

You know how real it is deep down in your soul

This power of love that you hold

You know how absent it can be

In a modern world grown

So empty and cold

Where hearts have been silenced and hidden from mind

Where wills have been broken

And competitive people can be so unkind

Don’t you know by now my darling

That none of your suffering will be in vain

For with the courage to suffer

Comes sunshine after rain

So let these tears fall as you heart opens wide

To untruths that you believed

And must now leave behind

Go out and embrace the sunshine

After a morning of fog

Dance through the meadow

And walk your dog

Open your eyes wide to the soul hidden in life

And know without doubt

That beyond a past of trouble and strife

There is so much new life waiting

To spring to birth

From the soul seeds of compassion

Watered and tended

Buried so long in this earth

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