Psych drugs harm. Let’s get high profile MDs and celebrities – spreading the message

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There are quite a few relatively mainstream doctors now talking about the harms of benzodiazepines and anti-depressants on social media. As usual other psychiatric drugs (neuroleptics, anti-convulsants, — called anti-psychotics and mood stabilizers, etc) are given short shrift.

This is about informed consent. If people don’t know about the very serious potential risks involved in chronic use of these drugs, they cannot make a reasonable choice. Short-term targeted use in crisis is a whole different ball-game than being on them for life which is what is generally recommended for many people.

Allen Francis MD who was chair of the DSM-IV Task Force and is currently professor emeritus at Duke is one of them. He’s talking mostly about benzos lately on twitter and touches a bit on anti-depressants and poly-drugging in a vague sort of way.

I said to him  (also via twitter):

note: If you have a…

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2 thoughts on “Psych drugs harm. Let’s get high profile MDs and celebrities – spreading the message”

  1. Yes I agree 100%. The overuse of drugs is oversubscribed, its affecting the youth and creating a dependency culture that’s more harmful than good.


    1. So true. When people are taught their emotional state exists in a drug not in changes they can make and feelings they need to understand the roots of and work with we do a great disservice to everyone but most especially youth. Our nervous systems are profoundly impacted upon by our close personal relationships.


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