Suicidal thoughts are treated like a crime: that’s why people don’t seek help.

Another imporant blog, I have experienced similar things sharing suicidal impulses with certain ‘health care’ professionals. If we feel like dying there is a valid reason and we need to be treated with empathy, openness and understanding

Everything Matters

I posted on twitter in response to someone else saying they don’t feel safe asking for help:

“yes…therapists often don’t get it and it can actually feel dangerous to talk to a therapist because they’re liable to lock you up when you share suicidal thoughts. That’s f***ed up. Pure and simple. Folks need to be able to talk without fear of being locked up.”

one response I got:

“Exactly. My sister told her GP she felt suicidal. The police took her away in hand cuffs.”

I said,

“thank you for sharing that …this is exactly what people need to know…who is really sick here? not your sister.”

so REALLY?? they tell us to be sure to ask for help. What do we do when there is no safe “help” available? Until we are, as a society, willing to answer that question people will continue to die without being offered a…

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