Let me break my bonds

And set myself free

Allow me to find myself in the mirror

And love what I see

Give me permission

  To speak my mind without censure

Allow me to feel and express my truth honestly

Let me not fear any more

What anyone thinks

Let me enjoy my coffee with cream

Let me long deeply for love

Even though I’ve been hurt so badly in the past

Let me trust in what they say

When they tell me

How wonderful I am

For so long I dared not believe

That I was this light that others saw

I could only feel the longing to shine

Buried deep inside

While haunted by “dim your light” voices

For so many years

I covered myself over with soot and ash

Until I thought that darkness and tarnish

Was all I would ever know

But now that I have navigated the full circumference

Of this disallowed life

I find its still not too late to fully inhabit my centre

And pour forth

Like a flowing river

Hungry for the ocean

No longer so terrified

To live and breathe

As me

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