What PTSD Means for Me as Someone Who Experienced Childhood Abuse

This is such an important post. We must be mindful every day of how hard living with PTSD and Complex PTSD is…

Fighting for a Future


Sam Black captures what it is like to have PTSD in his writing so beautifully it almost hurts to read it. As someone who suffers from Complex PTSD I could relate to every word he wrote. Thank you Sam for expressing what is so  hard to do.

Every day there’s that worry; that today, I’m going to see or hear something that will stick me in a dark corner of my memory — something that will have me trembling in fear for seemingly no good reason.

It’s not normally something big; it’s the little things, a raised hand, a raised voice. Sometimes it’s just people with blonde hair or with visible symptoms of illicit drug use. Sometimes the look in a person’s eye makes me cross the street to avoid them because they look like “her” eyes and that terrifies me.

Today a raised voice brought tears to my eyes…

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3 thoughts on “What PTSD Means for Me as Someone Who Experienced Childhood Abuse

  1. I was an abused child myself. Thankfully, I turned to writing as my escape outlet. Thank you for sharing this. It is always a bit reassuring to know one is not alone in this pain.

    1. You most definately are not alone. As so many go through childhood abuse or neglect. Its so good when people can be honest and real….. I commend you for that and send you lots of positive thoughts… a blanket of kindness and the reassurance I hear you and you are not alone.. ❤

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