Dreaming in a deep blue sea

Blue sea lovers 2.jpg

Dreaming in deep blue sea

I ask my soul

What will become of me

When you and I have never met

Only felt the sonar of each others souls

Resounding here

Throughout this land of deep inner oceans


Calling each to each


Across vast oceans

I feel you there

Struggling in a world full of trouble and care

Needing support

But not wanting to burden me

I wish I could take this burden on

But it is not mine alone to carry

And we are both so full of dreams

But dont you know how hard I am working

To make solid land

My new reality

A place where I am tethered

Despite all the wild imagining

Grown from an adolescence

Where so much was taken

And I felt so forsaken

By love

So now at night when I dream in that deep blue sea

Of how it might feel to hold you

It is very clear how much I want to enfold you

In a healing embrace of love

You hunger for

And when I think of how things flow

I question this fire

You are setting alight

Ignited by my twin

Who left his home at 23

And now is returning

Carrying this burden

Mirror images you and me

And so we wait and dream and hope

Within the depths of uncertainty

Longing for our flames to meet

While finding ourselves all alone

Still dreaming restlessly

Of reunion

In this deep blue sea

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