A new shore


Whatever happens will fall from on high

No matter how we struggle

Or else may rise up

Catching us unawares

Like a tide or a flood

When we were only taught

To run in fear

How can we face a fate

Come calling

Inviting us to a task

And an opening

We could never feel fully ready for?

One that asks us to face

What we most wish not to explore

‘There is no comfort by the light of the moon

Something is going to give in soon’

And maybe it will be us

So hard to trust the earth moving

When we only believe in solid ground

But those amongst us who have known

The shifting of inner continents

Know the myth of trying to hold on so tight

When in our past there was no resting place

So now we must

After a long time seeking

Security outside

Turn within and ask of the Soul

A holding

And even though the earth maybe shaking

Or breaking open

We must trust this next

Transition will be one

That only takes away from us what needs to die

And tosses us up to land

Feet first upon a new shore

Delievering us to

A completely rearranged world

Where finally

We stand on solid ground

So close

To our inner ocean

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