This Is Exactly Why Your Life Has Been Falling Apart Lately

A very powerful post, learning to be the love and reflect that love… a big challenge!

Discovering Your Happiness

Hello loves, ❤

You may have experienced sudden changes in your life in the last year. For most of the people I know, 2017, was extremely difficult and this year is no exception.

You may ask how is it possible that so many of us seem to go through similar phases in their lives? The reason lies in the language of energies. Everything in this universe is energy based. Our bodies, thoughts, and feelings aren’t an exception.

Imagine that every person emits specific energies into their environment. These energies then join the energy field around the Earth which impacts all of us. Vibrations don’t know any boundaries; they easily permeate everything. Thus we continuously influence everything on this planet, and it all also affects us.

We’re all connected more than we dare to acknowledge.

But energies don’t stop here. We’re also impacted by energies of planets, stars, and pretty much…

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5 thoughts on “This Is Exactly Why Your Life Has Been Falling Apart Lately

  1. We are the soul and have definitive connection with our SUPER SOUL (PARAMATMA). We are related SOUL-TO-SOUL therefore need nothing else which has impermanence in its construct; it may be caste, creed, religion, region or any other consideration. NOTHING MATTERS when our CREATOR is ONE. Regards

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