How can I know?

Child 3

How can I know what is true

When life can be so confusing?

People can say and do

All kinds of things to earn your trust

And if there is a tender raw space inside

Full of so much unmet need

Then we may be

Pulled towards them

Like a magnet

How can we hold on to

The little one inside of us

Who always longed for love

For a shoulder to cry on

When things hurt

For a strong heart to help us stand still with

And recognise fear

And how to get through it?

Now all I can do

Is turn inside to you

Little Debs

So many things happened over years

That so naturally filled you with so much fear

And left you all alone and wondering

With no one to lean on or talk to in the wilderness

So now if a wolf comes by

How will you recognise him?

For now I must be there for you

I know you

Live inside every cell of my body


Now I lay my hands on you and say

Tell me your fears and longings

And needs and secrets

I will not turn away

And together we will try to find a way

To move beyond our fears

And embrace happiness


(You will know them by their actions)

10 thoughts on “How can I know?

  1. Trust no-one/
    Every creature deserves
    The opportunity

    Conflict between
    Heart and brain

    To find is to lose
    To lose is often
    To find anew

    Excavate as
    Stub fingers push
    Dirt from surface
    Searching for
    What lies beneath

    Pale, portent eyes
    Entombed within
    Likewise form
    Rattling bones

    Speak from a place of
    Relative obscurity
    Process process
    Finding flaws
    Searching still

      1. Exactly. To be hurt is unavoidable… But it can be a chance to learn to avoid the same pain later. It’s almost along the lines of the old saying “Fool me once…”

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