A hungry season


I loved you with my body

But as far as my mind

Often it was not so kind

To you

Things you said would grate

And on our second date

When you sang the song the way you did

Well I just wanted to run a mile

With a cheeky smile

Saying see you later

But not for dust?


Why then over ride my sense

With body longing

That could never recompense

For all the damage done to me

With the knives you threw

When your misunderstanding

Cut me to ribbons?

As I look back now

I see it was mostly inflation

And how I strangled under your negation

Until our fated union became

A risky death defying dance with flames

And nights and days drenched in dread

That left me weighted under the poison lead

Of your buried anger

Then frozen in thet painful aftermath

Of frustrated longing

Driven back inside


And so to date when I remember us

And forget the all the trechery and the fuss

With a body longing once again to be less lonely

I see the folly hidden in that need

As tides of hunger slowly recede

Carrying me away from places

Where here my overridden mind could end with my soul

Dashed upon the rocks of dark despair

When body’s urge over comes

The saniety of reason

In such a desperately hungry season

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