Why I write

This post is inspired by a new and valued fellow blogger…


Many of us write as a way to survive, to tell truths we feel others may not hear.  This is my response to that post as to ‘why I write’.

Why do you write?


 I write to know what my heart is saying and my mind too to externalise it onto the page

I write often in response to having read something that makes me think of the first line, often my prose poems start like this.

As a child I wrote because I did not feel heard or that anyone was listening or if they did only to tell me I had it wrong and didnt shouldn’t, couldn’t feel like that.

I write because I love the feeling of it and it keeps me company

I write as a way to connect with the passion I have and feel for certain subjects so close to my heart such as emotions and emotional healing

I write hopefully to connect with others and to touch another’s soul as my soul is so often awakened, inspired and touched by another’s writing.

I also believe that writing keeps my sensitivity flowing forward and nourishes my spirit in all kinds of ways


6 thoughts on “Why I write

  1. This is a beautiful, heartfelt response that makes me so proud you have been inspired by what was spoken through me… I am are so glad to have you here as part of this community, as part of the altogether tiny but immeasurably valuable slice of reality I am blessed to experience.

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