Precious moments


In those times of synchronicity

When I spy you crossing a crowded street

Jaunty summer hat dipping low

Across your brow

There is an instant when I doubt the recognition

Of you dear friend

But then I call you name and you turn and smile

Bless life and these moments of pure happenstance

That connect us

We talk of so many things

My Mum’s death

The book you just bought

The Camino Way

Jasper lies belly flat

Beneath the table at our feet

And soaks in the peace that surrounds our meeting

This kind of sponatenous joy

Is surely now

What I most live for

Fleeting moments tinged with gold

Evidence that somehow


Those who we are meant to encounter

Often just appear

Out of nowhere

The connections of heart that are there

And life in its awesome wisdom

Often guides us

To the right place

At the right time

When two paths converge

And the union

Conspired by spontaneous meeting

Feeds us joy

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