On skin.jpg

Echoes reverberate

In this chamber of my heart

Resounding with memories

And then feelings of how it was

When you inhabited this space

Within the circumference of love

Shared whispers

Absorbed like nectar from a flower

Echoe now

Within the resonance of that past glimpse

Love abounds

As I feel the fleeting whispers of you kisses

Which awakened the feeling of beauty

Aroused by tender feel

Of flesh on flesh

Now I am aware of how by then

 My body had grown numb

From absence of touch

Recoiling from shock

And in these haunted corridors that are left

Memories come calling

Visiting like spectres

Especially at dusk

Those special moments

Filled with joy

Accompanied your arrival

5 pm

Opening the empty vacancy left by sunrise

At night our limbs embraced in a benediction of presence

Until the day you left

And once again my body

Folded in upon itself

And  wept

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