not expecting to be believed

Amen so many of us are not believed. Its heartbreaking…

Nadine Of The Cave

that is what i must accept:
i will not be believed
my words will be twisted
against me yet again
but this time it will be the law
the lawyers and judges looking down

i have never been certain of truth
because i have always been told
that my truths were not real
and getting a phd was supposed
to prove that i knew something
yet they still turn my words around

look at how I overcame my adversities
becoming a professor of psychology
not a therapist but a researcher
because i must find evidence
to prove that i am not crazy
and that we are all suffering

the traumas scattered about
through our personal histories
and collective experiences
passed through our RNA
and flexible neural networks
but most of all our consciousness

i yearn some warm touch of love
that i’ve tried to give my babes
while so rarely…

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