A door closes

Closed doors

When a door closes

Do I keep it shut

Do I stop

This restless pursuit of connection

Driven by confusion

Or do I quietly walk away

Turning back to face myself

Surely someone who wants you in their life

Keeps the door open

They respond when you call

Most certainly this closed door is a sign

And leads me to question


At other times I pursued

So desperately

Those who wanted not that much to do with me

When all the signs were there

Pointing in another direction

There are those that say

To stay and fight

So is it cowardice

Or bravery to surrender

Let go

And walk away

Do I ask if Mercury

Turning on his tail

And changing direction

May not be leading me

Towards other

Deeper connections

So I let go

I allow the closed door to be

I turn within again

This closed door is so familiar to me

I am so so tired of fighting

Maybe what is behind it

Was never meant for me

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