Little demon


Living inside me

I will probably always have

This Little demon

Who whips my butt

And casts a dismissive glance

On the messy normalcy of life

I wish it could be different

I long so often to be free

From the doom coloured glasses

He makes me wear

But then again

If I experienced doom in the past

Without a hand to hold

Is it any wonder

This is what I remember

The past bleeding through

Trying to capture and dominate me

Binding up my energy on any day

But then also

My loving spirit aches and yearns for me

To break free of a past

That was so loveless

To embrace a future in which

Love lies at the basis of things

This and trust too

But not without a true encounter with reality

Little demon

I see you there

Maybe it would be better

If I did not try to chase you away

Or exile you

Maybe it would be better

If I turned to you and said

Thank you

Little demon for the reminder

Would you like a little hug

And then could you please

Let me be

And set me free

To celebrate

A brand new day

Full of new possibilities

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