Wings of gold

Golden wings 2

Don’t apologise

Beautiful soul

With your wings of gold

Hidden under rust and tarnish

Just because others could not help

Your wings to glow and grow

Doesn’t mean

That the sun is still not alive

Somewhere deep down in your being

Though smouldering

Under a pile of burning ash

The price of your un becoming

Was to believe the lies they told

And to identify with

All that could perish

But really eternity knows

You were sent here to

Glow inwardly

With the passion

Of your hidden soul’s

Burning desire to awaken

And live true to the freedom

They negated

And the self in you

Who so long ago was injured

Learned not to believe in the beauty of

Golden wings

And so lost

The will for flight

But with each word you write

Your beauty shines

And now nothing can eclipse

The radiance

Of your inner knowing

And imagining

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