National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence

Tomorrow, March 16th has been designated a national day of action against bullying and violence here in Australia.  Young people subjected to bullying often find it difficult to speak up and awareness is being raised as featured on tonight’s episode of The Project, here in Australia to encourage young people to find their voice and come forward to report bullying and find support as soon as it happens.

Tonight several famous Australian personalities came out to advocate about speaking up against all bullying despite fear, despite embarrassment, despite shame.  Featured was heartbreaking footage of the parents and sister of young Dolly Everett who took her life by suicide recently after being bullied.  Before dying she sketched the following drawing :


Dolly’s parents are asking for support… They wish to raise funds by creating a foundation Dolly’s Dream….. the links to their Facebook page can be found via the Anti-Bullying Foundation website link below.

No young person should have to struggle with this alone.   Beautiful young souls are dying.  We must do all we can to raise awareness and make sure this stops.   Please help where you can to support this important cause and let young people know they are not alone and can speak up.


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6 thoughts on “National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence”

  1. It rips at my heart when I see a young life who makes the most fateful of decisions to end it all. I relate. As adults, it’s easy for many of us to dismiss such things. To simply say “shake it off” or “buck up”, but it’s not the same for a child.
    I think, at the heart of it, until we come to some common standard in our schools, where NO child feels isolated, we are going to continue seeing these horrible incidents of suicides and shootings.
    We have a day for it, but we need to think this way all the time.



    1. I think its not only isolation although that plays a big part..Its also the deeper shame aspect where society teaches we need to be strong or the same not different sensitive or unique in any way to belong or have value. Less perfectionism and having to measure up..morr nurturing of individual values teaching kids to respect sensitivity and difference. I cried so much when I saw this story..just heartbreaking..❤

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  2. As an adult survivor of school bullying, I want to thank you for blogging to spread awareness to such a terrible epidemic!

    Bullying destroys so many young lives. Although I survived and moved on to become a happy and confident adult, there are so many other victims who aren’t as fortunate as I was.

    This is a very powerful article that so many people who haven’t been through bullying need to read to understand what it is to be bullied and what it does to targets of such abuse!

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    1. I agree. I too was bullied and some taunts still live on. I now know its always about the bully. Sadly some sensitive kids cant throw such nastiness off..I feel very strongly about this issue. Am so glad you were able to rise above. Blessings to you. Cherie.. ❤

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