Profile of An Abandoner and Their Impact on PTSD

A very helpful and insightful post on the impact of being abandoned. Without healthy awareness we do suffer in this situation and such awareness takes a long time to develop, most often happening through harsh experience. If you have ever been blamed at the end of a relationship this will resonate.

Fighting for a Future


Abandoners come in every possible size, shape, shade, age, social form, and disposition. Parents, friends, employers, and lovers can become abandoners, usually, without realizing the pain, they cause. Abandonment recovery is dedicated to raising public awareness about the pain and trauma of being abandoned and to foster deeper commitment, sensitivity, and responsibility within relationships.

In searching for a new love connection, it is often difficult to tell who is safe to attach to and who is not capable of being emotionally responsible – who is worthy of trust, and who is a potential abandoner.

What complicates the picture, even more, is that one person’s abandoner might become another’s, permanent partner. It is a truly painful dilemma when you find out that your ex has married someone else, especially if he or she (they) had dangled you on a string, telling you their need for more space, that their inability to…

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