On Being Scapegoated when you try to address pain

This is an old post. I wrote it back in 2015. Its a bit raw but it addresses the issue of trying to bring attention to issues and being shut down. I am posting it up for new followers.

Emerging From The Dark Night

Anyone else out there in cyber world relate to the experience in their family of being the scapegoat or trying to open up some dialogue around psychological truths only to be dismissed, questioned and invalidated?  Apparently those who try to bust open and question the family dynamic and its dysfunction are often doomed to be exiled in some way.  Its a little like being the child telling the emperor he is naked and doesn’t really have any clothes on.

Today I made the mistake of trying yet again (oopps? well not really, (later re-dit) sometimes in the words of songsmith John Mayer you need to say what you need to say, regardless).  So to continue, today I tried to address abusive, troubling things that occurred to me at the hands of my sister and mother quite some years ago and led to a traumatic accident.

It was made clear to me that by…

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4 thoughts on “On Being Scapegoated when you try to address pain

  1. I have experienced this. Especially around the alcoholism in my family, and when I tried to address why I may have so many mh issues, boy was i shut down quickly. sucks realy fucking sucks. x

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